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The Tree project

The Tree project

A tree for me (and I believe for most of us) is a symbol of a couple of things such as life, constancy, yet cyclic renewal and for some reason wisdom. I have no any tree fetish, before you would think this further…

The crust of an old tree could tell a story of life-times and could be as expressive as a wrinkled portrait of an old man. Therefore I did this experiment of taking portraits of old trees, to see what effect and emotions could such photos trigger.
I also often wonder how it would be like to be a tree. Not completely of course, but would be great to see that limited fraction of space trough that extended window of time with but with human senses of perception. But I guess this will be another project to map this idea into pictures.

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2 thoughts on “The Tree project”

  • Nicely written about portraiture! Lovelt shots, especially those made w. your Pentacon Six but I also like the last Cosina-shot of that Girl. Great!

  • I like your trees photos,and your perspective. Trees are amazing for what they give us and have incredible energy . You can feel that embracing a tree.
    I wanted to send you my photos but don’t know how to do this
    Tomás Laffaye

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