Portraits at Limoncello

Limoncello Delicatesse is a small Italian shop downtown Szentendre (Hungary) named after a lemon flavored liqueur for some reason. They sell  really good coffee, ice-cream and a wide sort of premium Italian grocery.

I visit the place quite frequently because of the truly remarkable coffee they make which is quite unusual in Hungary unfortunately.

I have quickly realized that this place is really good spot for portrait photography as many nice and interesting people  used to come together here. On top of it a huge white wall on the opposite side of this narrow street acts as the perfect reflector many times during sunny days. As I almost exclusively shoot using available light, this is a really nice feature to have.

I shoot people only who I know enough as I don’t want to ruin the business by acting as a paparazzi. Still I have managed to put together a small pile of portraits already I shoot there. I think the shoots can reflect a bit of the atmosphere of the place as well as the emotions and personality of these lovely people I asked being model back.

This time all images are digital, but as usual you can find names of some manual lenses among the descriptions of the images.

Eszter (Limoncello, Szentendre, Hungary) Canon EOS 450D, CZJ Pancolar 80mm f/1.8  @ f/1.8

The following collage is published here in color for the reason that colors are really contribute to the overall look and sensation of these images which I missed so much when I tried to make good a B&W version. The matching colors of her eyes and the scarf as well as the warm tone of the hair light on the left image were obliviously  last at every attempt of B&W conversion.

Eszter (Limoncello, Szentendre, Hungary) Canon EOS 450D, Hansa 135mm f/2.8 @ f/4

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  1. spcamerastyle · April 29, 2012

    Beautifull pictures, Gábor. The 4th is the one I liked the most. Cheers.

    • camerajunky · April 29, 2012

      Thanks! Great to have your opinion, the 4th is my favorite as well.

  2. jasonehowe · April 29, 2012

    Beautiful portraits as always, superb quality too. Limoncello has been the drink of our summer, mixed with cranberry juice, ice and lime!!!! Looks like a great place to stop for coffee and photographs!! Cheers Jason