Österreichischer Skulpturenpark

Airplain parts 1

Airplane Parts & Hills by Nancy Rubins

Sometimes the most amazing places are literally just a few steps from your backyard. Yet it is so easy to overlook or ignore them, just because you don’t expect anything extraordinary close to your regular living space. Or you miss to visit them because you think that since you live nearby, you could do it any time which moment never come.
At the end I tend to know the interesting places around other cities better than my own. But I fight, so last weekend, we visited an amazing sculpture park right next to the place I work. I passed by almost every single work day since last September because my bus stop is about 20 meters from the entrance. Despite the free entrance, I have never managed to take a look, until now.
To make the occasion special, I brought my old trusted Pentacon Six Tl loaded with some expired Velvia and my wide angle 50mm Flektagon and the standard 80mm Biometar.
Apart from the last picture, all posted photos were taken with the Flektagon. I scanned the film with my Canoscan 9900F.

Airplain parts 2

Airplane Parts & Hills by Nancy Rubins

handle of earth (as suitcase)

Die Erdkugel als Koffer by Peter Weibel

This piece of land-art (Die Erdkugel als Koffer) is one of our favorites, because it integrates so well into its environment and due to the size of it, it is hard to figure out what it supposed to be. Once you get closer and maybe read the attached documentation which is by the way the part of the sculpture, you can have a nice AHA experience. It interprets the planet Earth as a suitcase and the statue is the handle.

sun gizmo

Sole d’acciaio by Ilija Šoškić

concrete land ship

Betonboot by Michael Schuster

I have never had any seriously overlapping frames issue with the P6, but this time. Hopefully it only happened only because of my mistake during film loading.

Bruno Gironcoli, o.T

o.T by Bruno Gironcoli

My advise is to go out and explore your surroundings and don’t forget to take a camera with you.

If you were around Graz and had some spare time, this park is really worth to visit. Here is the layout and the list of all the sculptures.

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  1. urbanhafner · July 14, 2013

    Great images, and maybe I’ll find the time to visit this August! Maybe even with my P6 + Flektogon 😉

  2. grumpytykepix · July 14, 2013

    Fascinating post (and place). Have you seen my recently created blog http://www.hiddenplacespix.wordpress.com where I’m trying to get photographers interested in ‘hidden places’ (but maybe ‘unseen’ rather than ‘hidden’). I’m doing my own series on Bradford, UK, but I hope photographers elsewhere will begin to contribute. From your pix the suitcase handle is a favourite for me too – Peter Weibel saw something the rest of us didn’t.

    • camerajunky · July 14, 2013

      Sorry for the late reply. I am on holidays right now. Your blog about hidden places is a nice effort, I like it very much. I know that the subject of my post is not in the UK, but if you want you can refer to it or reblog it if you like.
      Anyway, thanks for the comment and keep observing. Gabor