Camera giveaway


Thank you Everybody!

All these things have found a new home in a remarkably short time. I am really pleased that how many different yet equally film photography enthusiastic people were interested in this little action of mine. This means that we have a living community and this blog has some impact as this post attracted attention from all around the world.

I think it was very good idea to gift these cameras and get in touch with you.  It was a nice experience and I may do something similar in the future.


Another new year and another fresh start. As a part of this philosophy I decided (after some encouragement from my wife) that I shrink my camera collection to a manageable size and so I sort out many things that I not use.

Everything you see in this post is free to take, you only need to pay the cost of the shipping (note that I live in Austria). Most of these items have some problems, but who knows maybe some of you can get them fixed or find a better use of them than me.

How to contact with me

If you were interested in any of the listed items, just send me an e-mail through the contact form or on facebook. Don’t forget to tell me where you live so I can calculate the post cost,

Praktica MTL3 + 50 f/1.8 + case

The camera works, shutter speeds are distinguishable and the meter also works. I have never put a roll of film through this camera though. The lens is nice, clean and smooth.



Canonet QL17

Cosmetically in excellent condition with a nice clean lens behind a protective filter. But mechanically stuck (cannot advance, cannot release).


Fed3 + 50mm f/2.8 lens + leather case

Works, but shutter speeds are very inaccurate. The lens is clean, but lubricants dried out. I think this camera can be brought back to life and in any case looks great on a bookshelf.


Fed5 + 50mm f/2.8 lens + leather case

The camera works, shutter speeds are distinguishable. I have used this camera and wrote a post about it which can be found here. The lens on the picture belongs to the Fed3. This Fed5 has it’s own black lens, I just need to find it.


Pentacon 135mm f/2.8 lens

The lens is in a very good condition, however the aperture cannot be stopped down more than f/4. It is a typical problem of these lenses and can be fixed. Besides I only used this wide open.


DSC02753There will be more gear as I browse through my hidden stashes, so stay tuned.


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  1. iamamro · February 1, 2015

    Very generous of you!

  2. miran · February 1, 2015

    Very good idea, I think I’ll do the same with my gear. Next year maybe. In the meantime I’d be glad to take the 135mm lens off your hands. 🙂

    • camerajunky · February 1, 2015

      Sure thing. I have just sent you an e-mail. I will need to know your address, so I can calculate the price of the parcel.

  3. Tim · February 1, 2015

    I must say its very generous of you to do the giveaway. If it is available I would enjoy trying out the FED 5. I have looked at them for awhile trying to make up my mind if I would find it enjoyable to shoot. Perhaps i’ll get a chance now. Thanks for the offer.

    • camerajunky · February 1, 2015

      Hi Tim, I need to know where are you from in order to be able to calculate shipping price. An email would be nice. There is a contact form linked to the post.

  4. Paul Pride · February 1, 2015

    This is a very generous thing you’re doing. I don’t have much spare cash so I was wondering if you could work out what the postage of the Fed 3 would be please?

    • camerajunky · February 1, 2015

      Hi Paul, check your email, sent you a question.

  5. spcamerastyle · February 1, 2015

    Hello, Gabor. Your cameras are awesome. Hope you find new homes for them. Best Regards.

    • camerajunky · February 1, 2015

      Thanks,The only trouble is that most stuff dosn’t wort enough to send it too far, therefore some may get diasppointed. I am curious how will this go though.

  6. serialphotographer · February 1, 2015

    A truly generous offer which embodies the spirit of passing it on well done you 😄

  7. urbanhafner · February 1, 2015

    Good for you, Gábor! I also periodically try to reduce my collection. Invariably after a few months I have at least as many cameras as I had before, though. But this time it will all be different. 😉

  8. Martin Irwin · February 1, 2015

    I was late for this, which is a real shame.
    Hopefully I’ll be faster next time! I’d really like to try some of these…

    • camerajunky · February 1, 2015

      Hi Martin, the practika is still available. But yes, there will be a next time.