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  • Some beautiful photos here! Thanks for such a comprehensive and even handed account of what it’s like to shoot with the Pentacon Six. I’ve just bought one of these babies with the 80mm Carl Zeiss Jena lens as a back up to my Yashica tlr and am really looking forward to being able to shoot more quickly and freely. Very encouraging to see you shooting handheld and getting such excellent results.

    • Thank you!
      It has to be said that the Pentacon is not so easy to handheld with the 80mm. Not because of the shutter speed, but because of the shallow depth of field at 2.8. If you use it at f4 or 5.6 it is absolutely manageable.
      I always wanted to have a Yashica tlr, but so far I was not so lucky. I wish you a lot of nice photos with the P6.

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